ELCE 2020 event now open to all

Tim Bird

Hello embedded Linux developer,

Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2020 has concluded (it was last week: Oct 26-28).

Please note that all sessions for ELCE 2020, as well as for the "co-located" Open Source
Summit Europe 2020 are available for viewing through the month of November, 2020, at https://www.accelevents.com/e/OSSELCEU2020

There is no charge to access the event and it is freely available to the general public.
This includes all breakout sessions and keynotes. In the session UI, the Chat and Q&A
windows have messages for that session at the event.

Most sessions also have slides available on the individual session pages at:

Videos are available at the event site (accelevents) now, and will be put on YouTube within the next few weeks
(likely before the end of November). When they are made available on YouTube, we will add links to
https://elinux.org/ELC_Europe_2020_Presentations (where we are currently gathering presentations
from the event).

I think this is a valuable free resource for the embedded Linux community.

-- Tim

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