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Tim Bird

Please find below my feedback on the proposed category list

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From: Tim Bird

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From: Amit Agarwal
Overall - Is each item below intended to be a standalone page, or
is the intent that sub-topics will be sections within a top-level page?

Some of the sub-topics (e.g. RealTime) really are big enough to have
their own top-level page (or even several pages).

Maybe this will depend on the number of talks that end up on a page?

Here is the proposed category list:
* Linux General
** Status Check
I'm not sure what "Status Check" is - can you give an example talk in this category,
or describe it more?

** Upstreaming
** Community
** Development process
Maybe add "Legal" here?

LTSI might go better under "distributions"?, but I'm not sure.

* [[Buildsystems]]
** Yocto
** Buildroot
** Bitbake
There are lots more: OpenWRT, Embedded Debian, Debos, etc.
How would you categorize ELBE, which builds binary distributions from Debian?
Would it go on this page?

* Scheduler
I'm not sure I see scheduler as a top-level page. I'm not sure how many
scheduler talks we've had. Power-management scheduling was a big
topic for a while (e.g. big.LITTLE), but maybe going back farther there
were lots of talks when the O(1) scheduler was introduced.

** Real Time
RealTime is big enough to deserve it's own top-level page.
Likely, Scheduler is not big enough to deserve it's own top-level page.
In fact, RealTime might deserve two pages: one for PREEMPT_RT
and the other for dual-kernel approaches (e.g. Xenomai)

** Interrupt latency
** Optimizations
* Boot Loaders
** U-Boot
Also BareBox

* Boot Time
** Initialization
** Boot Time optimization
* Device Drivers
** How to write a device driver?
** User Space Device Drivers, Optimizations
** UIO
* Size
** Kernel Size – Reduction
** Source code
I'm not sure what the "Source code" category is here.

* File Systems
Does "IO scheduling" go here?

* Flash Storage
** NAND Flash
** eMMC
* Networking
** Ethernet
** Wi-Fi
** BlueTooth
** X-Ref – IoT relevant topics here (see below)
* Security
** SELinux
Security divides into multiple categories. There are mandatory access control
systems, like SELinux, AppArmor, Smack, Tomoyo. And then there are different
aspects of security like:
** Secure Boot
** Cryptography
** Trusted stores (TPM)
** Hardening

* Upgrades
** OTA updates
** Firmware upgrades
* Legal
OK - maybe this should be a standalone page, but it's kind of in the
non-technical category of pages.
* Multimedia
** Audio
** Video
** Codecs
** GStreamer
** V4L2 (X-Ref with V4L2 kernel sub-system)
* Architecture
** ARM
** PowerPC
We need Intel or x86 as well (and maybe mips)
* Compilers
** LLVM/Clang
** Linkers, Loaders
** Compiler Optimizations
* Device Tree
* Kernel sub-systems
** I2C
** SPI
** USB
** Video4linux (V4L2)
** MTD
* Scheduling
Don't we already have Scheduling above?

* Memory Management
** Virtual Memory
** Process Memory
** TLB
* Power Management
** Multi-core
** Concurrency, Locks
* Testing
** Automation
** Fuego
I would put Fuego underneath a sub-category of
** Test Frameworks
*** Fuego, KernelCI, Kselftest,

I would add:
** Board farms and infrastructure
* Embedded
Not sure what "MPPWG" is.

** Digital STB
** Linux enabled Light bulbs,
* Porting
* Tools and Debugging
** GDB
** Tracing -- LTTng
Add ftrace here.
* Distributions
** Tomoyo
I thought Tomoyo was a security system, not a distro, but I could be wrong.

** Android
** OpenWRT
** OpenHardware
** uCLinux
* Virtualization
** Xen
* Robotics
** Drones
I'm not sure
* Miscellaneous
Legal could also go here?

* Applications
This category seems to be "Development Tools", not applications.

** SDK
** Qt Development Framework
** Web development, API development
** Maemo Platform – from Nokia
** Eclipse IDE – Open Development Platform
* Graphics
** OpenGL
** DigitalFB
* Application Protocols
I think I'd stick these under "networking", but some are higher-level protocols.

** UPnP
* Open Source Projects
I don't think that "Open Source Projects" is a good category for these sub-topics:

** Zephyr
We should probably have a "non-Linux RTOS" page. I think there have been several
different talks over the years for non-Linux OSes (NuttX, Zephyr, Free RTOS, etc.)

** BeagleBone Board
** Dragon Board
** Nine-Dollar Computer CHIP,
We should have a "Hardware" category for these board-specific talks.

Good to have different page for following topics with links provided from the Main Page


* Automotive
** V2X
** AGL
** Xen
* IoT
** IIoT - Embedded Linux in Industrial IoT
** Embedded Protocols – MQTT, 6lowpan
These should be under networking

** Stream Processing for IoT
** Home Automation Tools
I think I'd put "Home Automation" as it's own topic (not under IoT)

maybe also add "Embedded Industrial Systems" as a topic?

** X-Ref selected topics/presentations with Networking Category (See above)
* Defense Systems
I'd put Robotics and Drones under verticals.

-- Tim

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