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Tim Bird

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From: Amit Agarwal

Hello All,

We are planning to reorganize the wiki pages on by presenting the content of ELC conferences of the last 15 years (ELC, ELCE
and Japan Technical Jamboree) based on Categories to which they belong.

The working list of categories and sub-categories for the same have been identified and can be accessed at:
I've been working with Amit and others at PathPartnerTech on this project, and I'm very excited about it.

I'll put the current proposed list of categories inline below, if people would rather comment on them
inline. What we're looking for is any missing categories or sub-categories that you think would be
good to add - but any feedback is appreciated.

Please keep future discussions of this project on the celinux-dev mailing list.

A sample wiki page format has been created for "Build Systems" at:

Creation of pages for Verticals like Automotive and IoT are also part of the plan. Relevant content will be cross-referenced between
Category and Vertical pages.

Let us know your comments on the formatting of the wiki page. Any other
?? looks like this sentence was not finished.

Amit Agarwal

Amit - the notice below is a bit problematical. If there's any way to remove it, it would be nice.
I know it might be out of your hands, but maybe you could add a disclaimer somewhere
in the e-mail, to let people know that this message is not confidential?
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Here is the proposed category list:
* Linux General
** Status Check
** Upstreaming
** Community
** Development process
* [[Buildsystems]]
** Yocto
** Buildroot
** Bitbake
* Scheduler
** Real Time
** Interrupt latency
** Optimizations
* Boot Loaders
** U-Boot
* Boot Time
** Initialization
** Boot Time optimization
* Device Drivers
** How to write a device driver?
** User Space Device Drivers, Optimizations
** UIO
* Size
** Kernel Size – Reduction
** Source code
* File Systems
* Flash Storage
** NAND Flash
** eMMC
* Networking
** Ethernet
** Wi-Fi
** BlueTooth
** X-Ref – IoT relevant topics here (see below)
* Security
** SELinux
* Upgrades
** OTA updates
** Firmware upgrades
* Legal
* Multimedia
** Audio
** Video
** Codecs
** GStreamer
** V4L2 (X-Ref with V4L2 kernel sub-system)
* Architecture
** ARM
** PowerPC
* Compilers
** Linkers, Loaders
** Compiler Optimizations
* Device Tree
* Kernel sub-systems
** I2C
** SPI
** USB
** Video4linux (V4L2)
** MTD
* Scheduling
* Memory Management
** Virtual Memory
** Process Memory
** TLB
* Power Management
** Multi-core
** Concurrency, Locks
* Testing
** Automation
** Fuego
* Embedded
** Digital STB
** Linux enabled Light bulbs,
* Porting
* Tools and Debugging
** GDB
** Tracing -- LTTng
* Distributions
** Tomoyo
** Android
** OpenWRT
** OpenHardware
** uCLinux
* Virtualization
** Xen
* Robotics
** Drones
* Miscellaneous
* Applications
** SDK
** Qt Development Framework
** Web development, API development
** Maemo Platform – from Nokia
** Eclipse IDE – Open Development Platform
* Graphics
** OpenGL
** DigitalFB
* Application Protocols
** UPnP
* Open Source Projects
** Zephyr
** BeagleBone Board
** Dragon Board
** Nine-Dollar Computer CHIP,

Good to have different page for following topics with links provided from the Main Page


* Automotive
** V2X
** AGL
** Xen
* IoT
** IIoT - Embedded Linux in Industrial IoT
** Embedded Protocols – MQTT, 6lowpan
** Stream Processing for IoT
** Home Automation Tools
** X-Ref selected topics/presentations with Networking Category (See above)
* Defense Systems

I'm going to respond to these in a follow-up e-mail.
-- Tim

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