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Robert Schwebel

On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 01:30:04PM -0300, Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri wrote:
On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 11:47:45AM -0300, Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri wrote:
Not yet. We're using an internal one, github issues for the public. Is
there a good free ML service you recommend?
I don't think so. Let's stay here for the moment :-)

Our first impression when we saw soletta was: wow, they did it right.
That's nice to read. You mean just the build or the project itself? Share your
ideas and needs please :-)
The project itself. We are doing a lot of industrial automation
projects, and over the years, everyone invents the typical IO framework
stuff over and over again. Even worse, people with a different
background invent the same stuff in different ways:

- control people use Matlab/Simulink
- measurement guys use Labview
- factory automation does IEC61131 or IEC41499
- IoT folks use COAP etc.

Everyone reinvents wheels all over the place already, and now the IoT
people start working on the same things again.

There are many frameworks out there which have started with a university
background and have many deficiencies for professional use, and on the
other hand there are commercial frameworks which take things like safety
into account, but are not open source.

It's all a big mess.

IMHO what we need is a heterogeic hierarchical modeling framework, in
the spirit of Ptolemy II (but withaut Java), coupled with the practical
experience from GStreamer and v4l2 subdevices, but for process data.

soletta comes close :-)

And now you are removing autotools and replace that by Kconfig. I
don't think that this is a good idea, especially when things make
further progress and there will be modules with external
Our hope is that it will make life easier as we already have modules
with external dependencies such as udev and systemd. Tracking that
with autotools was becoming more and more of a burden, like conflicts
and depends.
It looks easier in the first place, but usually it just shifts the
complexity somewhere else.

Got you. That's why I started it using autotools. :-) upon request
from many people we decided to try Kbuild. If it does not work we can
always go back to autotools.
However, let's see where your current activities lead to.

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